Wikipedia is not a crystal ball.

{{speculation}} and {{prophecy}} are not welcome on wikipedia. No articles about anticipated events are verifiable, because anticipated events are not reliable. They are not reliable, because they are not testable. Exceptional claims require exceptional references. :Category:Reliable Agents of Prediction is empty (2013-07-24).

Should Wikipedia:CRYSTAL allow sourced speculation? No, because that means no rule against speculation: You should be able to find a source for everything on wikipedia. Speculation is not fact. If it is not fact, then it is {{opinion}}. What about explicit exceptions? No, because those make policy volatile, which is confusing. Rules that change make it harder to write. Volatile information is not encyclopedic: Facts do not change.

This policy made strict does not mean deleting entire articles: Where wasteful prophecy is established on wikipedia:

  1. Create a destination article with same content, and internal links made external, unless a very similar article already exists on future. Similar articles make merjer processing complicated, taking several smaller transfers.
  2. Put a link to article history on encyclopedia into talk page of future's.
  3. Bookmark the current version of the article to redirect. That will be one with an inferior name or location.
  4. Install an external #REDIRECT[] (Blank the rest); one pair of square brackets.
  5. Realize that other languages are the biggest loose ends to deal with, and mirroring translation pointers is something you can do without knowing languages other than your mother tongue.

Merjerz within wikipedia are not much easier. The only external redirection that I can find in wikipedia is a wikt: prefix. A future: prefix should become. For now, redirections are links.

WP:IRC, talk pages, WP:E-MAIL and USENET are fine venues for writing about future, and it does not belong on wikipedia until it is a fact, so suspect statements that contain words like: "may" (Things that may be false are not facts.), "would", "could", and "might", because they should tell you what makes them certain.


Text in this message is public domain. You may distribute it in any way that you see fit and honest. I do not require attribution. In the best of possible worlds, may you always speak for yourself and know the difference between fact and fiction.

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